As recognition for providing valuable support of Modern Albuquerque's activities and efforts, members can take part in organizational committees and receive an invitation to our annual meeting in November 2021.

Advance ticket sales and a 10% discount on all ticketed events will be applied to memberships when available. We are unsure if we will be able to host ticketed public events in 2021 due to changing local, state, and federal public health guidelines.

*Memberships purchased after December 1, 2020 end on December 31, 2021.

Individual Memberships

Individual memberships include all of

the benefits listed above for one person.

Couple Memberships

Couples memberships include all of the benefits above for two people living in the same household.

Student Memberships

In addition to the benefits listed above, student members are given free admission to one student-focused event a year. To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled as a student in a secondary or post-secondary educational institution.


Donations help us to fund special projects, educational resources, and operating expenses. Our five-year strategic plan is ambitious and includes exhibits, events, surveys and educational opportunities, very little of which we can do without funding.

New non-profits like ours are also impacted by the unprecedented events unfolding across the world. If you like what we're doing and believe in our mission, please consider donating to support our work. And please know that we have just started compiling our application for 501c3 tax-exempt status, so donations we receive are not yet tax-deductible. What they are, however, is deeply appreciated.


Sign Up to Take Photos

Modern Albuquerque accepts artist submissions of local modernist architecture and landscape design to be considered for Instagram, web and project use. All photographs are licensed for non-exclusive, non-commercial use and are added to our digital archive. Contact us to receive a licensing agreement and receive a list of locations requiring documentation.

Share an Address

We haven't found all the modernist buildings and art installations in Albuquerque yet. Find something you think we should see? Send us the address or business name!


Volunteers aid in research and documentation efforts, as well as Modern Albuquerque's tours and events. No experience is required to volunteer; training and materials are provided.



Turquoise Business Memberships

  • Logo featured in 'partners & business members' section of main page

  • 10% product sponsorship discount

  • 20% event sponsorship discount

  • 2 free event tickets

$250 Annually

Modern Albuquerque welcomes two tiers of business members: Turquoise and Silver. Turquoise business memberships are designed to fit small businesses with under 49 employees, while Silver business memberships are designed for businesses with over 50 employees. Benefits include sponsorship discounts, exposure for your brand, and free event tickets.


Please contact us directly to become a business member.

Silver Business Memberships

  • Logo featured in 'partners & business members' section of main page

  • 20% product sponsorship discount

  • 40% event sponsorship discount

  • 4 free event tickets

$1,000 Annually