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First Unitarian Church

3701 Carlisle Blvd NE


Harvey Hoshour

A rare example of Miesian modernism in Albuquerque, this sanctuary was designed by Harvey Hoshour. The influence of Mies' Crown Hall is evident in the design of the church; Hoshour briefly worked in Mies' firm in Chicago before relocating to New Mexico. To see the structure, turn left onto Comanche Road and make another left into the church's parking area.


A new sanctuary designed by the architectural firm Mullen-Heller sits just north of the original, which now functions as a social hall. The Alexander Girard-designed altar screen that once was a focal point of the Hoshour sanctuary was relocated to it. The former sanctuary is an early highlight of Hoshour’s distinguished career. Its interior was renovated by Mullen-Heller Architecture in 2019.


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