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Modern Albuquerque is a non-profit project focused on the documentation, promotion, preservation, and education of the public about the presence of modernist architecture and art in the city of Albuquerque and State of New Mexico!


Modern Albuquerque

Founded in 2018, Modern Albuquerque was the first business in New Mexico to promote Albuquerque's mid-century modern architecture and history year-round through tours, events, and media. Modern Albuquerque reorganized as a New Mexico non-profit corporation in January 2020, expanding its mission to encompass modernist architecture before and beyond the mid-century period, modernist art installations, and landscape design. Following a decision by the Board of Directors, Modern Albuquerque is currently exploring its next phase as a non-profit project.

Upcoming Projects

Our team has gathered a research queue of over 130 buildings! The next step in adding them to our inventory of knowm mid-century modern architectural resources is confirming the date of construction and any information we can learn about them.


Share a photograph. Send in an address. Ask a question. There are many ways to aid our work!

See More Modernism

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Who is Modern Albuquerque?

Modern Albuquerque is a collective of architecture and design enthusiasts, researchers, and preservationists.

PHOTO:  Jessica Roybal


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